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TIPMI provides classes to address topics that the Pest Management Professional (PMP), Home Inspector, Regulatory Personnel, Builders and homeowners are dealing with on a regular basis.  Topics are carefully selected to help meet education requirements for the State of Texas pest management licensee.  TIPMI also offers classes to homeowners wishing to embrace a green approach to pest management.  This approach is intended for the homeowners to better appreciate the range of services the PMP can provide.  Topics include:

  • General Insect Biology/Behavior
  • Inspection Techniques & Equipment
  • Application Techniques
  • Construction Techniques
  • Preventing Pest Problems (PPP)/Conducive Conditions (CC)
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Understanding Pesticide Formulation
  • Pricing to Sell
  • Calibration Procedures
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Laws & Regulations, Safety
  • Equipment: Maintain to Preserve
  • Business Ethics – Conflict/Complaint Resolution
  • Record Keeping
  • and more…

CEU Courses

Any of the following courses can be taken individually. ($40.00 for the 1st hour and $25 for each additional hour)

General Category (GC) (2 hours).  General /Laws and Regulations: Course Number: 20105613

General/IPM: Course Number 20105614

Texas SPCS requires two (2) CEUs in the GC for license renewal each year.  GC may include: Law & Regulations, Safety, IPM, Sales & Marketing, Great Customer Service, Administration, Ethical Issues and Practices, and Managing for Effectiveness.

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Pest Control Category (1 hour). Course Number: 20105615

The Pest Control Category (PCC) refers to classes dealing with non-destroying insect/arthropod identification, biology, damage, and their control.  In this category, pesticide treatment, conducive conditions, and related topics are also addressed.

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Termite Category (1 hour). Course Number (Dual): 20105616

The Termite Category (TG) refers to those classes that deal with the specific termite complex found in Texas, known to be economically damaging to structures.  This course will strengthen the ability of the participant to successfully identify, from among the various termites encountered in the field, the particular species of termite they are dealing with, from subterranean to drywood types.  The session will also address the conditions which are conducive to termite infestation – as well as various treatment options and the appropriate tools available in each situation (proper inspection practices; optimal pesticides; appropriate techniques along with warranty/guarantees, etc.)

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Pesticide/Technician Commercial and Non-Commercial Applicator Training.

Commercial status refers to people and/or entities providing services for hire through a sole proprietor or corporation headed by a Licensed Certified Applicator.  Non-Commercial status refers to people and/or entities providing pest management services with no gainful intent compared to the commercial application. Ex: IPM Coordinator for school or other organization entities.  They still need to be licensed, therefore are required to have annual CEU training.  Both Commercial and Non-Commercial technicians must have the required 6-hour training course, which we offer at $95.00 per person.  Application needs to be posted one week before the training date.  Payment may be made by mail, online, or at the door.  A training manual will be provided.  Course period: 9am-5pm.

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IPM Coordinator Training (Coming Soon…)

This is a perfect comprehensive course program.  The class will provide a comprehensive termite training opportunity ranging from fundamentals to advanced steps for experienced practitioners, yet well thought to include beginners.  You will enjoy the rich experience of the instructor, a Ph.D. Entomologist with considerable background in IPM as well as the interactive approach that makes learning fun and more efficient.  This 6-hour class is intended for any non-commercial applicator working to provide pest management services as their Public School District’s IPM Coordinator (fulfillment of the Texas State requirements for IPM Coordinators under Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 4, Part 1, Chapter 7 Subchapter H, Division 3, Rule 7.150, School IPM). You also can take this class as a review or refresher.  Topics covered will include: legal requirements for schools, an introduction to IPM, the difference between Green, Yellow, and Red Category pesticides, and question/answer sessions.

Reduced Impact Services – RIS (Coming Soon…)

Any business license holder desiring to advertise this type of service should first take an SPCS approved class to be familiar with this delicate approach in pest management prior to claiming attributes such as “environmentally sound”, “organic”, or other similar wording.  TIPMI Reduced Impact class will provide you with the necessary training to add this batch of “buzz words” to the services your company provides.  Topics covered will include, but are not limited to: Introduction to RIS, Laws and Regulations, Appropriate Advertisement Wording, Selling RIS, Customer Authorization, Service Equipment Needed, etc…

Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Training School (Coming Soon…)

There are several conditions that are conducive to termite infestation and possible structural damage.  Along with the array of pesticides and treatment techniques available, making a good choice from the options available demands thorough knowledge of the subject.  Techniques, pesticides, and job quotes including diagram drawing, estimating treatment area, pricing and warranty/guarantee will be discussed.  Pre and Post-treatment will also be covered.  Any technician planning to sell or service wood destroying insect accounts should be licensed in this category with the letter “T” on his license.  WDI Training will include the required and good practices in dealing with insects known to attack cellulosic material in the structures targeted for prevention or protection post-attack.  The insects officially known are termites, carpenter ants, ad wood destroying beetles.  This course will also cover topics in identifying these insects, correcting conducive conditions, treatment: diagram, application, warranty/guarantee, and how to fill in the Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report Form.  Other arthropods associated with the conducive conditions will also be covered.